Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yasmin Alibhai Brown on the Mayoral Elections

Yasmin Alibhai - Brown had an article out yesterday.
It's called Londoners would be mad to vote for Boris

As usual, Yasmin who is one of the greatest journalists of our time is spot on and a breath of fresh air. You really should read the article, it's all about how Boris is a great white nasty beast yada yada. There are some rather nasty comments about Yasmin in response to the article , it's no surprise the woman thinks all white people want to kill her**.

Anyway, this bit was most interesting:

Boris says whatever he thinks voters want to hear. None of it, nothing really matters. He must think people are fools ..... And there are people out there waiting to be fooled, among them a mate, a black social worker

You have no idea how annoyed I get when I read such things. You'd be surprised how often it occurs. A black person, social worker no less really should know better.
After all we've done for these people, bloody ingrates! We give them a council flat, a nice job doing care or social work, they start earning a bit of money and some tax credits and before you know it they are voting for the Tories. God Help Us.

**Sean Gabb to YBA: Yasmin, are you saying that the white majority in this country is so seething with hatred and discontent that it is only restrained by law from rising up and tearing all the ethnic minorities to pieces?
YBA (cowering) : YES!

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