Sunday, April 13, 2008

Frank Field aka Judas

My back-stabbing subordinate, Frank Field has finally been exposed today on Iain Dale's blog as a Tory sleeper. I KNEW IT!
This two-faced Judas cost me my first cabinet post with his crazy ideas about single mothers on benefits.

I am not surprised that he has been covertly batting for the other side all this while.

In a comment by Benedict White
Benedict White said... Frank Field defected from the Conservative party in the 1960's, over apartied, just before McMillan's "Winds of change" speech. Had he waited a couple of months he would be one of our grandees.

This is Proof that my sacking in 1998 was as a result of a vast right-wing conspiracy.



TBRRob said...

Harriet I feel so sorry for you...

Toque said...

As he's practically the only Labour MP prepared to stick up for English interests, good luck to him.

McKw said...

You are a bitter, twisted bully and a harridan.