Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MP should live in her own constituency

Contrary to popular opinion, I am in fact a bona-fide London resident.

While I am often at our country house in Suffolk or doing walkabouts in Peckham*, we live in a lovely little pad in Herne Hill which is tucked away from the barbarians in Brixton but not as frightfully, middle-class as leafy Dulwich next door. Honestly! The things I do to fit in!

Funnily enough Tessa Jowell is my MP and I have to tell her what is going on here all the time as Tessa as usual really hasn't got a bloody clue. She lives all the way up across the river in Kentish Town in a house. Unlike mine, Tessa's mortgage is fully repaid but she is unable to maintain the calm, serene manner that is quintessentially Harriet Harman. She is aging terribly in case you haven't noticed.

Which begs the question....If Harriet Harman QC MP, niece of the countess of Longford, cousin to the Earl of Pakenham and Lady Antonia Fraser can live in Herne Hill then why can't bloody Tessa and her shifty mafia loving greaseball husband, David Mills?

I'll tell you why -because she has a lot to prove.
It doesn't matter where I choose to live, social class always tells in the end you see.
However, if poor Tessa chose to live in her constituency, people might realise that she is rather common.

*Ssshhh.. don't tell anyone I said so, but Peckham really is a rather ghastly place. Is it any wonder one needs protective clothing? Representing it is one thing, but actually living there, I mean really! There is such a thing as going too far.

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