Thursday, April 10, 2008

Leadership Woes

Another bad taste article in this morning's Sun.
Gordon hasn't even been in the job a year and they are already talking about a replacement.
People should give Gordon a chance and not talk about "leadership woes" and "Labour's nose-diving poll ratings". All this negativity really does my head in.

But while we're on the subject.... what if there were to be a leadership contest? Say Gordon had a heart attack or got lost mysteriously somewhere, Lord knows it happens often enough!

Jacqui Smith is all but written off

Mrs Smith, 45, has so far failed to make her mark as Home Secretary. While she remains one of just two women candidates with a chance at the top slot, she will have to work a lot harder to win over Labour MPs and card-carrying footsoldiers, who see her as a bit remote and lacking in warmth.

Tessa Jowell is too busy sorting out the gypsies in her backyard, no one is even talking about Hazel Blears.. Harriet Harman, 57, is the only other woman candidate in with a shout. She performed better than expected when she stood in for Mr Brown at Prime Minister’s Questions last week and cannot be written off despite her reputation for being obsessed with political correctness. She has also already proven a hit with the Labour machine by winning the deputy leadership contest last summer.

heh heh!
Leaves me nicely positioned to sort out the women's corner doesn't it? After all, it is about time that Labour had a female party leader, and I am the most successful female politician the UK has ever had.

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