Friday, April 25, 2008

GOTCHA! April's Fool

Someone just told me that April Fool is only meant for the 1st of April...* I had to inform her that this rule is only for plebs and not for the Lord Privy Seal!
Of course I'm not joining the Conservatives and of course I'm not supporting Ken, er.. I mean Boris. Duh!

It's been a long day though. Phone ringing off hook.
Nothing from Gordon yet although he doesn't find anything funny.
No mention in Evening Standard, although I notice they managed to mention blogging nonentity, Iain Dale. Pah!

So perhaps I owe you good people an explanation.
Like I said yesterday, This is not a spoof blog.
This is pure, unmitigated Happy Harriet.
The truth is that the horrible (and exceedingly dull) Harriet's Blog was not written by me.

Day in, day out I had to put up with the flavourless guff being churned out by Labour Party HQ. Surely you recognised their M.O?
I, at least would like to respond to the comments of my readers and my fans.
So I decided, enough was enough. Harriet Harman doesn' t need to put up with this crap!
And broke into the site.
No, I am not a script kiddie. Don't be so silly!
I didn't even have to guess the password.

Surely you don't think that Harriet Harman QC MP, would be daft enough to use -
Username: Harriet
Password: Harman

on her official blog ?

Now the Labour Party.... that's another kettle of fish.

Who cares that "Labour's deputy leader visits showcase £30m PFI school in Oldham"? Or about my "Let's talk about where you live" event with Bolton women? People want juicy gossip. They want to know what I'm thinking and that is what I, Happy Harriet Queen of Hearts will give them.

Thank you all those who offered to buy me a drink. I'm touched, but really I must keep my head down, the rest of the parliamentary labour party is pretty pissed off right now. Maybe someday in the future.

And to all those desperate lefty trolls (that's you "Tory boys never grow up") who are gleefully hoping the police will be banging on my door sometime soon, well all I have to say to that is

*"Bullshit!", I said. April Fools' is for anyday in April. If it always happens on the 1st of April, then it's not a surprise is it? Everybody knows that!

**In case you're wondering, that's me sticking my tongue out at you.

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