Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mortgage Woes

Some worrying news about house prices.

The Telegraph had a story yesterday about how homes in Labour heartlands may be plunged into negative equity.

Areas of Manchester, Glasgow, south-east London and Birmingham are said to be potential "negative equity hot spots"

I hope they are just scaremongering and if not, surely Camberwell and Peckham wouldn't be affected! One of the things I like about my constituents is that so few of them live in their own homes. In fact 65% of them live in council or housing assocation owned properties.
Silly aspirations of everyone owning their own home are what caused the credit crunch. Now Peckhamites have nothing to fear from any housing crisis. This is why I strongly encourage people to live in social housing -wherever possible, let the government take care and protect you.

This is also why I continually call for more social housing. The more people that live in social housing, the more will want to vote for a socialist/labour government and a responsible person like myself planning and overseeing everything.

We Deputy Leaders are not immune to downturns in the economy you know. Although I can put most spending on my parliamentary expenses, that might become more difficult if the witch-hunt carries on. I don't live in the heart of Peckham but I do live in south-east London and for the deputy leadership elections I took out a £10,000 overdraft and re-mortgaged our home for £40,000 . Jack says that at 14.9%, the rate was very competitive
and I trust him when it comes to money issues, after all he is the Labour Party Treasurer! And it was all worth it, I spent twice as much as Alan Johnson and just narrowly beat him.

Of course the repayments can be put on my parliamentary expenses so I'm not really out of pocket. I'm just saying so you know that Jack and I are a couple who always get the best deal for Johnny Taxpayer!

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