Friday, April 4, 2008

Difficulties with White Men

I was hit by a triple whammy some weeks ago by The Express, Daily Mail (what a surprise) and The Observer, who really should know better, about my proposals to to help women and black people achieve equality at work.

Yes, it is true that my proposals will legally block white men from jobs or promotions, but this is only to make getting jobs and promotions jut as hard for them as it has been for women and blacks. Why should they have it easy? It's about time that this demographic pays its way in this country.

Now don't get me wrong. I have no problems with white men. Some of my best friends are white men In fact, and I don't admit it often, but I am married to a white man. Before you call me a traitor, I must point out that Jack is not just white but actually Irish. The Irish were a much maligned minority group when we got married and he was a very acceptable sort of life partner for those of us fighting on the frontline for minority rights!

Now that that's all cleared up, you can see this isn't some crazy vendetta.
As Minister for Equality, I have a duty to make sure that everybody is equal.
If you have 7 peas and I have just 5 peas, the solution is for you to throw 2 of your peas away. That way, everyone is happy and the balance is restored.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to make a serious comment on a hilarious spoof blog.
Positive discrimination benefits no-one & is insulting to both sides. It shows contempt for the employer - he/she cannot be trusted to make a fair & just choice & it shows contempt for the job applicant - not really good enough for the job through age/gender/ethnicity/disability/religion but hey they've got to be given it to make up 'targets'. How does that thought affect the confidence of the new employee? - and the new workmates who know that the latest staff member is not right for the job but got it only because of age/gender/ethnicity/disability/religion - and they will have to pick up the slack, cover for the mistakes etc? FI I'm a woman so no doubt I would be expected to embrace positive discrimation - NO I don't, for the reasons given above.

Anonymous said...

You are an insult to women kind. Your stupid idea of positive discrimination clearly sends out the message that we women are unable to achieve anything by ourselves without the help of the government.
Women are not weak and we certainly don’t need someone like you trying to knock down men just so we can move forward.