Sunday, April 20, 2008

Back To Work Tomorrow :-(

Sorry for the light blogging, needed to take a break as the parliamentary recess is over and I have to begin work tomorrow. Oh! Cruel world!

Yesterday´s Independent had a wonderful article "If Women Ruled The World".
Fantastic Suggestions from the female contributors

Sweet Stuff from Catherine Townsend:
Women could look forward to screaming tabloid headlines about the merits of "stay-at-home fathers" versus "working dads" – and would be safe in the knowledge they could have children and a career, since affordable child care would be universally available.

Great Suggestions from Janet Street-Porter, one of the most sensible women on the planet.
All female prisoners (except those serving life for violent crimes) would be released to serve their sentences working in the community. Juvenile offenders would work in old people's homes and hospitals, helping to feed and clothe those less fortunate than themselves. Basic cookery would be taught from the age of seven. All public bodies, hospital boards and police authorities would be forced to appoint the correct proportion of women to their governing bodies. Any organisation receiving public funding, from museums to sports facilities, would have to do the same.
Broadcasters' boards would have to be 50 per cent female to retain franchises. We'd stop meddling in other people's affairs overseas, recall troops from Iraq and Afghanistan, and declare ourselves a nuclear-free peace zone. The minimum wage would be raised – it's mostly women that have to try to live on it.

This would be great stuff from for Labour´s next election manifesto! I will be putting forward my suggestions to Gordon first thing tomorrow morning. Or do I have to? I am the Party Chairperson after all.

The contribution from the men was unsurprisingly derisible

´ever so slightly dull' says Terence Blacker
'Their track record isn't exactly pretty' says Dan Snow


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