Friday, April 4, 2008

Difficulties with All Black Shortlists

I suppose when talking about the recent successes, I should also mention the recent difficulties.
It is not easy being Minister of Equalities I have to tell you.
You try to help people and they turn round and stab you in the back (no pun intended).

I'd been working with Operaton Black Vote on proposals to increase ethnic minority representation last month. We settled on all black shortlists, seeing as all-women shortlists have helped increase the number of female MPs, all black shorlists would be a no-brainer, right? WRONG!

Half a second after the proposals are made public, Sadiq Khan MP and Khalid Mahmood MP take a shit all over my ideas. Who are these upstarts anyway? And what do they mean by "political apartheid"?
Some people just don't understand that blacks and asians need our help unless there are pictures of hungry black and asian orphans covered in flies on our TV screens. Perhaps that's the solution?

And for those pointing out that all black shortlists would contravene the Race Relations Act 1976. If it's unlawful, I, Harriet Harman QC MP will make it lawful!!

Luckily, the wonderful Diane Abbott MP, feminist, socialist and of course female wrote a letter the next day in TheIndependent. Diane thinks they are silly and selfish, basically. Too Right!
Diane is eminently qualified on the subject of all black shortlists. For one thing she is properly black and not merely Asian. Secondly, she has many achievements. She isn't perfect of course, - she supported John Cruddas in the deputy leadership contest against me because I wasn't working class enough and I will never forgive her for that. But to give her credit, she was the first black female MP ever, this is something that even I haven't achieved yet. Also she has achieved many other things. She is still the first black female MP ever and I can't think off the top of my head what the others are right now, but she's certainly achieved them!

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