Friday, April 4, 2008

Recent Successes - One for the Barmaids!

Seeing as yesterday was such a good day, and I have some time off, I might as well tell you about some of the other successful things that I've done.

I strongly believe that women who work daily navigate a maze with degradation and harassment at every corner and awful bullying men ready to pounce opportunity to make life harder for them.

So I thought to myself "What can Harriet Harman, Minister for Women do about that?"
This is where it comes in handy having 5 jobs. As Deputy Leader of Labour, Party Chairman, Minister for Women, Minister for Equalities, Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal, (surely this must be a world record!) pretty much everything is my business.

So I had a look at my Big Book of Ambiguous EU Laws. It is a goldmine for the legislator with plenty of time on her hands to make a new law or two.

I found the perfect solution - The European Equal Treatment Directive. Craftily, I used a statutory instrument so this new law does not require a division or debate in Parliament to force in regulations. The best part though is that from Sunday 6th April 2008 my new law can impose unlimited penalty upon employers for allowing harassment to happen even if they had nothing to do with it! YES!

As usual the Daily Mail Swine ever quick to uphold the rights of bullying evil men have pointed out how pub landlords can now be sued if someone calls a barmaid 'luv'
I ask you, What is wrong with that? Why should a barmaid be subjet to such humiliating behaviour?
Most barmaids are poor working class women. They need someone who knows what's good for them to represent their interests in parliament basically. They need a high powered, intelligent and well-educated woman with good social connections to take care of them.
I've said it before and will say it again, we in labour aren't afraid of being called the nanny state

No doubt the poor dears have been waiting for this law so that they can work in peace without being disturbed by the disgusting advances of lecherous drunks -and any employer whose customers try and chat up one of them can expect to get slapped with a big fat law suit!

I, Harriet Harman have single-handedly made pubs a much better place for women to work in.

I wonder if there is a way for me to get male customers from trying to chat up females in a bar. Why stop at the employees? I know I never liked it when I saw other girls being approached by strange men in the pubs. Luckily it never happened to me, but I know that no woman likes it.
Women going to pubs and bars for a drink do not want to be chatted up! I certainly never did and look how well i've turned out.
Now where's my Big Book of Ambiguous EU Laws?

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