Thursday, May 15, 2008

Harriet Harman looking good

Yesterday someone took a picture of me while I was day dreaming about when I become Prime Minister. Don't I look smart and cute? Certainly a lot better than Jacqui Smith, who was struggling to pay attention to what Gordon was saying and is getting more haggard looking by the minute. The poisoned chalice position of Home Secretary is clearly taking its toll.

At least she's started covering up her cleavage a bit now. Personally, I think the only reason Jacqui ever got noticed was because she stuck her 36DDs out, very vulgar and totally deserving of that caricature on Headcases.

Speaking of which.. I wonder when they'll do me. Surely I am important enough to have someone spoof me by now?


swinglowsweetharriet said...

You would make a perfect PM, Hazza. but in this poll of Labour MPs' satisfaction with ministers' performance

one has to wait for #9 for a woman's name -- and it isn't yours! Those 36DDs obviously mean more to the mostly male Labour party than your own intelligence, beauty and breeding. Sexism is alive and well and holding you back, even now!

Anonymous said...


harriet harman would not make a good prime minister as she is a man hating feminist idiot completely out of touch with how ordinary people live