Thursday, May 8, 2008

Boris's new Crony.

Now that our Minister for London (yes that's you Tessa) has completely ballsed up the london elections and handed the mayoralty to the Tories on a silver platter, I am effectively the last London Labour MP standing*. Diane Abbott has been slapped down and Kate Hoey, aka "Bonkers" didn't even wait for the results to be announced before jumping on the Boris Bandwagon.

The Labour Bloggers** and myself are now what's left of the London opposition to Tory Mayor.
Leading from the front is Bob Piper who has just discovered that Boris has hired a black person to be his Deputy Mayor. Yup, you read that right - Ray Lewis, a black person!
This is a shamelesss hijacking of Labour Party policy if I ever saw one. Everyone knows that Black people are a Labour thing.
I never thought the Tories would stoop so low and as Bob points out, this is cronyism of the worst kind - Look at the way they're hugging for goodness sake!

Just as he was announcing that he wants the focus of his mayoralty to be on youth gun and knife crime. One of the inconsiderate shits in my Peckham constituency decides to go and get himself stabbed to death. An altogether rather convenient death, wouldn't you say? No doubt organised by the Tory mafia!

*Yes I know there are other London Labour MPs, but you can't remember any of them can you? Exactly. Neither can I. QED.
**those of them that have regained consciousness and not living in denial


Anonymous said...

Well Harriet, having read your Blog thus far, i have reached the only opinion that i can, "You are nothing short of being an Egotistical Bitch"! One who could prove to be more Dangerous than George W. Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard wrapped into one package.
Harriet, I wonder, as an MP,
"Would you be able to change a flat tyre, or would you require assistance from a male"?

Nick O'Tein

Nick O'Tein said...

You still haven't learned your lesson yet, have you - about driving with a mobile phone stuck to your ear, clipping a car, then having the affront to suggest that the Witness knew were to find Harriet Harman. "Stupid Bugger", you are not above the law Harriet,
being a lawyer and a Politition would of course help in the Court Room!

Nick O'Tein