Sunday, August 3, 2008

Blogging Awards

Dear Readers,
You may or may not be aware, that your Happy Harriet won the Witanagemot
blog award last weekend for Best New Blog*.

Yes and I did this without even advertising or begging for votes. Of
course the votes were rigged, Witanagemot is run by men of course, so they
only offered me the 3rd place position, number 1 - Letters from a Tory was
not even a new blog and Number 2 - was written by odious Scotsman Tom Harris who
believes he "pipped" me to the top spot, what a jackass. It's not surprising seeing as he was
crawling around grovelling for votes and is actually a professional
journalist turned politician according to his wikipedia profile** while I
as you know was not particularly well qualified in anything before becoming an MP and
so am therefore the better blogger. It is common knowledge that anyone who starts from
a disadvantaged position is automatically better than anyone else they are competing with.

Anyway, Iain Dale is asking people to vote for their top 10 political blogs by midnight tonight.

So if there are any fans out there who demand my recognition, email him at

* There was a slight hiccup, as they originally gave it to my old, official blog - which isn't even new, duh!

**which he OBVIOUSLY wrote himself.


TBRRob said...

I voted for you harriet.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lol nice to see new Harriet Harman fansites springing up.

What an appropriate url

(with http so people can click it)

Toque said...

Sincere apologies about the hiccup, you just can't get the staff these days. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

"Laughing all the way to the bacon sarnie" ('Londoners Diary, Evening Standard, 10 Sept.):
" Harriet Harman may be fond of a joke, what with her penchant for touring her constituency in a stab-proof vest, but as Minister for Equalities does she think Ramadan is inherently amusing? This evening BBC1 will air a new documentary called The Funny Thing About Ramadan, starring Harriet Harman’s special adviser, Ayesha Hazarika . Yesterday Hazarika despatched an email from Harman’s House of Commons Leader’s office at Westminster, urging as many people as possible to tune into her show tonight.

"As a BBC blurb for the programme promises: 'Comedienne Ayesha Hazarika is a bacon-sarnie-munching, wine-swilling Muslim who has never fasted during Ramadan. In this off-beat film, documentary director Irshad Ashraf challenges her to fast and introduces her to some moderate Muslims who observe Ramadan. Will Ayesha’s journey with Irshad change her — and will she be able to stick to her fast?'

"Brought up in Glasgow, Hazarika is barred by the Official Secrets Act from using overtly political material, so instead she draws on her Indian background as the main source of comedy. So far combining her dual roles has not posed any problems as she appears on radio and TV while forming a part of Harman’s team. Hazarika was formerly press officer to then Trade Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

"But will the Muslim community — currently observing Ramadan — approve? The programme is already generating suspicious posts on Muslim forums even before it airs. “How does she qualify as a Muslim when she’s munching on bacon-sarnies and swilling wine — both major Haram foods?” demands one.

"* HAS Harriet Harman let the cat out of the bag by publicly announcing the future 'marriage' of one of her MP colleagues? Ms Harman blurted out the news at the end of her speech to the TUC at Brighton, saying 'This is probably a secret. I’m not sure but Angela Eagle is to marry her long-term partner and ardent trade unionist Maria shortly.' It would be the first female civil partnership involving a Labour MP."

All the 'female' Labour lifestyle is here: the drinking, the eating, the Muslims, the same-sex marriages. Am I dreaming? Is this real? And I'm just a downtrodden man, looking in from the outside. Can't miss BBC 1 TV tonight!