Saturday, August 9, 2008

What I did last week #1 - No funeral for evil witch

This is the first of a theme of posts entitled "What I did last week".

It is to keep all of you up-to-date with all the wonderful things I amdoing as MP for Peckham/Deputy Leader of the Labour Party/Minister forEquality/Minister for Women/Leader of the House of Commons/Lord PrivySeal/something else I never remember.

Last week, while Gordon was away and I was minding the shop during my moment, I cancelled his decision to give the old bat lady (aka Thatcher) a state funeral. OVER MY DEAD BODY.

State funerals are reserved for royalty and aristocracy such as myself, not grocer's daughters from Grantham. As long as I am Prime Minister, or almost Prime Minister, I can assure you that her burial will be as humble as her origins. With any luck, the oldbat will croak while Labour is still in power, Heaven knows if Cameron gets in then it'll be state funeral a-go-go :-(


Anonymous said...


Googling 'image results for harriet harman', the results show an undoubted Labour 'star' of the future.

There are many pages of photos; please include them here, with appropriate captions.

Anonymous said...


What do you think of this comment on a blog?:

"Harriet Dromey: likes to use her maiden name, Harman, even though it's a sexist surname. Never discusses Labour Party finances with her husband. Privately educated. Hates men but isn't a lesbian. Even less funny than Alexei Sayle. Looks uncannily like Jacqui Smith (in fact, have you ever seen the two of THEM in the same room at the same time either)?"

"The Coup against Gordon Brown"
(25 July)

Ben said...

You're absolutely right about this, Harriet, and the whole country will be behind your decision as the most senior member of the government in charge.

Obviously the next state funeral should be your own, and surely nobody could suggest a more worthy recipient of such an honour.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the 'Sky' report below missing Harriet from its calculations?:

Google: ' Sky news Sacking Brown won't save Labour'.

Mark said...

“Mr Brown has taken an unusually long three-week break in Suffolk and Scotland.

But he dislikes leaving the country and yesterday his spokesman stressed he would be still be in charge while abroad.

“When he goes to China, Jack Straw will be the minister co-ordinating government business,” the spokesman said.”

Spokesman note – are you going to take this lying down?

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this 'tribute' video to Harriet? It's hilarious.

Ben said...

Please post again soon. I know you must be really upset at that nasty Mr Hislop for saying you weren't very attractive. But has he looked in a mirror recently? Talk about ugly! And he isn't even a woman.

Anonymous said...

Whoever writes this blog is obviously a failed pathetic individual who has no life and has fixated on a female politician in order to spout bigoted, misogynist anger.

Anonymous said...

Could to see your piece in the Guardian today..

"Whoever writes this blog is obviously a failed pathetic individual who has no life and has fixated on a female politician in order to spout bigoted, misogynist anger."

Now, Now, that is no way to talk about our lovely host, Miss Harman - she speaks so well of you !!

William Nicholson said...

Has Hazel Blears moderated you blog? You're blurring the line between electorate and elected! (Funny). But it's the most amazing way to keep in touch and bring politics into the home in a peaceful, choice-induced manner. Just started myself.

I think 'Dictator' rather than 'Witch'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Harriet, how long are you going to allow arms shipments to Israel?
Labour obviously likes despots...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sign the petition for free bath plugs to all hard-working families here:

It doesn't matter if you already have a bath plug. You don't even have to belong to a hard-working family. It's in the interests of fairness.

Firefly said...

'Now, Now, that is no way to talk about our lovely host, Miss Harman - she speaks so well of you !!' That ain't the case with a lot of men. That lying bitch causes a lot of harm to families. I think it is time you went. Even if Thatcher was a milk snatcher, that is no way to treat a former PM. Harriet Harman should learn a few manners. That is all.

Larisa said...

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Anonymous said...

So courtesy of Donal Blaney I can now sue the sad little creator of this blog for loads of moolah and make them reveal their sad little face in public. Hope they are sweating!

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D Whistle said...

I can't believe what I just read. you're as nasty, vindictive and horrible as Hazel Blears.

Good riddance to labour I say!

Anonymous said...

Harriet Harman is a piece of human garbage who lies about rape and supports false rape accusers. Innocent men have DIED because of false rape accusations, and due to Harman's efforst anonymity has been denied for rape defendents. This is a moral outrage.

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