Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deputy Harriet Gets PMQs at Last!

Hooray! Some happy news to report at last. I will finally, FINALLY be taking Prime Ministers Questions next Wednesday. Dearest Gordon is away doing something or other and I will be in charge.

No doubt, I will be facing Theresa May who attempts to sound upper class during business questions are getting more and more desperate. People like me who are really upper class no that it is not the done thing to show off your station in life. You will notice that whenever I am taking questions, I always take care to use the sort of English that average people will be comfortable with.

I think Theresa is intimidated by me. Not counting Angela Merkel, I am the most successful female politician of the 21st century. I am certainly the most successful British female politician of all time as I explained here.

She must be quaking in her leopard print kitten heels about facing me next week in front of the whole house.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sarkozy State Visit

President Sarkozy and his new wife (or should I say ho, for she is little better than that) are on a state visit. It is rather embarassing that the first people to greet them were Charles and Camilla. Surely when the head of state of France comes to Britain, Dearest Gordon as British Head of State and I as the deputy should be first to greet them. So instead of Gordon, someone (who?) plumped for some minor royals.

At this rate, I probably won't get to meet them until the Guildhall dinner and everyone else will be there so not much chance of a conversation.

Carla Bruni is a typical French woman, always dressed as if she is going for a party in clothes that most French women cannot afford. I could not tell where she got her bag from, but it looked expensive. Any woman who looks so well turned out clearly cannot have anything better to do like work or look after children
The woman is nothing but a trophy wife. It is a disgrace that she is so happy just hanging on to his arm like that, the feminist movement must have completely passed her by.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Blair Babes vs Sarkozettes

The Daily mail is comparing the women in the French government with those in the British government, especially the volupts. The mail is not focusing on the important work we do, but rather on how old and fat we are compared to them
The mail complains that my accessories are too cheap and my tights are awful. They don't understand that one has to dress like one's constituents. You can't represent Peckham while shoping at Marks and Spencer. I don't know why they keep focusing on me anyway. Lady Hodge, I mean Margaret , is 6 years older than I am, and Tessa Jowell is 3 years older.( Tessa’s backside is also far larger than mine).
The point to make here is that this is what happens when France votes for a sexist pig like Sarkozy instead of a nice female socialist like Segolene.

Sarkozy has chosen not to go for serious women, but has stuffed his cabinet with young exotic things (2 of them are Algerian and 1 of them is Senegalese) . His cabinet is more than 50% women, which sounds good until you find that not one of them is minister of women or minister for children. Clearly he thinks that Justice, human rights are more important portfolios than women and children who make up more than 50% of the population of France.

I also think it is quite shameful that these ethnic women are not taking up positions representing ethnic minorities or equalities. If I, as a white female can be both minister for women and minister for equalities, then surely it wouldn' be too much for them to handle one.

Overpromoted if you ask me.