Thursday, March 27, 2008

Deputy Harriet Gets PMQs at Last!

Hooray! Some happy news to report at last. I will finally, FINALLY be taking Prime Ministers Questions next Wednesday. Dearest Gordon is away doing something or other and I will be in charge.

No doubt, I will be facing Theresa May who attempts to sound upper class during business questions are getting more and more desperate. People like me who are really upper class no that it is not the done thing to show off your station in life. You will notice that whenever I am taking questions, I always take care to use the sort of English that average people will be comfortable with.

I think Theresa is intimidated by me. Not counting Angela Merkel, I am the most successful female politician of the 21st century. I am certainly the most successful British female politician of all time as I explained here.

She must be quaking in her leopard print kitten heels about facing me next week in front of the whole house.

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