Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You Ask The Questions: Harriet Harman MP

I am featured in this morning's edition of the Independent.
The Independent lets people like me who are very busy answer questions from ordinary and average people. I'm a bit disappointed that I am referred to as Harriet Harman MP. They should know that it is actually Harriet Harman QC MP. Very few women actually make it to QC. Most of them have to be barristers and stand up in court and other masculine things, but I proved a point that you don't have to be masculine to be successful.

For instance I am a successful blogger and web publisher with not one but two blogs! Both in pretty feminine colours. This in red and my other blog in lilac with loverly girly writing. I did this without having any porn on my blog either. One day I will ban porn.

I was very angry when some horrible man (as usual) asked if as a feminist, I was proud of Margaret Thatcher. I hate it when people ask me about Thatcher. My response?

No, because she was out to prove she was as every bit as nasty as all the men in her cabinet. Feminism is about progressive politics and solidarity with other women. Thatcher was neither.

Quite frankly, Margaret Thatcher becoming the first woman Prime Minister does not count as she had to act like a man to get there. She did everything but the sex-op! Sorry, but it's true and someone has to say it.

Labour is the only party that has provided high ranking feminine secretary of states. We provided the first female home secretary and the first female foreign secretary. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but having been elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party I am pretty much the most successful British female politician of all time. I did this without becoming a man, masculine or doing manly things. No one else has achieved what I have.

I don't think the Tory Party can ever produce a feminine woman Prime Minister. Everyone knows that women are nice and not nasty and tory women are nasty and if you ask me a bunch of she-dogs to boot (no, I won't use the b-word, no good feminist does).

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